About Tiphany

I am a television personality, an influencer, fitness trainer, empath coach, actress, model and speaker. I have been seen on many public platforms including but not limited to Dr.Phil, Good Morning America, Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment tonight, and CNN. I am also an athlete winning 1st place four consecutive years for Red Bull World Run all for spinal cord injury awareness to find the cure to paralysis.

I sustained a spinal injury at the age of 17 after a traumatic car accident caused from a head on collision by a drunk driver. 

I decided after the childhood and teenage years of struggle I needed to help others that have experienced drug addiction and pain to help them on their healing journey. I created a coaching business where I use a holistic approach to well-being, considering everything from nutrition and exercise, to stress and spirituality. The responsibility of helping my clients through their battles is something I can attest to, as I admit that silencing the negative self-talk can take practice and support is important. I have found the tools to regain the ability to love myself after the accident which was one of my hardest challenges. It was when I accepted the circumstance and allowed the wheelchair to not be an enemy, but as an extension of help, as we all can use some help and that is when the true progress can begin. I am here to help any that feel they would benefit from my multidimensional services.

  • I continue to advocate speaking publicly and online interviews and educational institutions around the world. 
  • I have dedicated my life to holistic wellness and fitness sharing a message of hope & inspiration with the world.